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Enjoy a variety of treatments using high quality essential oils and products to enhance your experience

Welcome to MassageSTX

Here at MassageSTX we offer a unique range of therapies for you to indulge, de-stress, restore and maintain a healthy well-balanced body.  Our main aim is to create time-out for your body, mind and soul so that you can rejuvenate and function more effectively in your daily life.

Allow MassageSTX  to use luxurious oils  to enhance, improve  and maintain your long-term health and wellbeing.  

Therapeutic Swedish / Aromatherapy Massage

One of the most luxurious ways to relax and treat yourself. Adding essential oils takes it to another level as the contain hundreds of potent medicinal properties that aid self - healing.

                      50 mins - $120

                       80 mins -$160


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Deep Tissue Massage

Involves firm pressure to release muscle tension. Deeper levels of the muscle, tendons and fascia are targeted together with trigger point therapy to relieve pain.

                      50 mins -  $120                                                        80 mins -  $160

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Reflexology / Bamboo & 

Hot Stone Massage


This science, based on the principle that the feet, hands and ears relate to the internal organ and other structures of the body. Using a specific pressure technique on the reflex points, this can affect and normalise the functioning of the body’s natural ability to heal itself and health is restored.

                        50 mins - $120

Bamboo Massage

The warm bamboo sticks allows the muscles to react to the heat, inducing relaxation plus an opportunity to work on a deeper level 

                       50 mins - $130

                        80 mins -$170 

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment involves the placement of heated stones on various trigger points The benefits include relief from stress, anxiety, tension, sore muscles and chronic pain.

                             50 mins - $130

                             80 mins - $170

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 Facials / Silky Soft Body Scrub & Massage


An essential multi step skin treatment tailored to your skin requirements, which incorporates cleansing, exfoliating, mask, toning, massaging and nourishing the skin to promote a clear well hydrated complexion

                      50 mins -  $120

Silky Softy Skin  Body Scrub & Massage using all natural ingredients.   

                       50 mins  -  $150                                                      80 mins -  $190

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